About us

Thank you for stopping by my website.

Southern Sunshine & Cotton is a trendy and affordable online clothing boutique that started in 2017.

My name is Valorie Vickrey.  My husband’s name is Tim and we have 3 children.  Our oldest, Haley is married, Seth attends Auburn University and our youngest Noah is still in high school. 

So why did we decide on a clothing boutique?  That’s a good question as we have many years experience in the restaurant industry but none in retail.  I have always loved fashion and have a wide range of styles that I adore.  I have shopped boutiques for years and love being able to buy something you can’t find at the local big box store.  I like being just a little different and unique.  I also have a crazy boot addiction.  So after much thought, prayers and day dreaming I decided to move out of my comfort zone and go for my dreams. I am dragging Tim along with me.   Thank you for being part of my story.  I look forward to helping you find your own style and unique look. 

Valorie Vickery