Cozy at home today and sharing a longtime favorite…I’ve been wearing Fossil for as long as I can remember.

My first watch was the direct result of peer pressure and demonstrated the power of a good teen trend. Everyone I knew had a Fossil and I wanted one! I pestered my mom until she gave in, and quickly wrapped my wrist in my new timepiece, convinced it instantly made me look older. It was the beginning of my collection, the first of many.  

Fossil watches are classic. Timeless. Lasting.  

As styles change I rotate rather than donate, because watches are too personal to get rid of. Like a favorite book or special song, a watch can remind me of a different time. When I wore it daily, when I loaned it to a friend, when I nearly lost it at practice (and got in plenty of trouble until it was found).

I can’t wait to learn more about this new guy here. From what I’ve learned the new Fossil Hybrid Q is just as savvy and smart as it is aesthetically sharp. No charge, built in activity tracking, filtered notifications, multiple time zones…the list goes on and on.

Now if I could just find one that will magically make me on time?!”

xx M

Original article from 6/8/2017